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The UCLA Conference on Time and Space

April 27–28, 2018

UC Los Angeles


You're invited to the Critical Refugee Studies Multi-Campus Research Programs and Initiatives Grantee Conference

Critical Refugee Studies: “Time and Space” happening Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, 2018 at UCLA

This event features 2017-18 grantees and their scholarly, artistic, and community-based projects that focus on Time and Space, projects that shift the reference point in refugee studies from that of the state, humanitarian organizations, and policy makers to that of the refugees. We conceptualize time and space not as natural and fixed but as materially and discursively produced through the expansion of empire, (neo)colonialism, and militarism, and as unsettled and remade by refugees. Projects include but are not limited to: geographies of displacement; refugee mobility; settler colonialism and refugee resettlement; detention, incarceration, deportation; refugee camps; waiting; refugee time; memory work; making/taking space; public and private space; community building, etc.

This event is free to the public with registration. Space is limited.

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