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UCLA Conference on Land and Water

November 16–17, 2018



The Critical Refugee Studies Multi-Campus Research Programs and Initiatives Grantee Conference “Land and Water” is happening on Friday, November 16 and Saturday,  November 17 2018 at UCLA. This event features 2018 CRSC grantees and their scholarly, artistic, and community-based projects that shift the reference point in refugee studies from that of the state, humanitarian organizations, and policy makers to that of the refugees.

The themes of land and water implicate forces such as settler colonialism, imperial expansion, and military destruction in refugee displacements and resettlements. They also signify embeddedness, journey, and new cartographies of home-making and belonging. Possible projects include, but are not limited to: displacement; mapping; refugee mobility; settler colonialism; militarization; indigeneity; foodways; environmentalism; refugee resettlement; deportation; climate change; gentrification, etc.

The event is free and open to the public.  Food will be served.  The registration links are below; please feel free to distribute the links widely and to encourage your communities to join us at UCLA.  Space is limited.


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