Sex for Education: No Easy Road

Sex for Education: No Easy Road

November 15, 2018

By Rosette Nsonga

This is a memoir of my life from childhood. A true story about the struggle for success of a woman in Eastern Uganda, Africa.


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Rosette Nsonga

November 16, 2018 • 1:50 PM

Thank you very much for publishing my memoir.I am happy to let you that the full novel is ready and any publisher interested in it can reach me. However, i wish to make a correction on page 8, first paragraph on the forth line: The year is 1998 and not 1988. Thank you

wabwire Bruno

November 18, 2018 • 5:41 AM

This is so inspiring

suubi Bruno

November 18, 2018 • 5:42 AM

This is a story i can read over and over again and get motivated

Mukama sanyu jamil

November 18, 2018 • 7:07 AM

Wow , what a wonderful piece , thanks for the deep insight and rich literature embodied in the literary works

Larubi Lucy Kidaga

November 18, 2018 • 3:33 PM

A touching story of a real African setting and a must read by the girls, of a focused hard working girl child who defied all odds to get herself to where she wanted to reach! Bravo Rosette Nsonga as I urge the currentAfrican generation to realize that with determination, one can make it in life no matter what.

Mutibwa George

November 18, 2018 • 11:36 PM

Ohhh My God !!!

Thanks Rosette for opening up.A very big big lesson to girls who think that the solution to their problems is “men”

Mutibwa George

November 19, 2018 • 12:03 AM

Lessons to girls who think that “men” are a solution to their problems


November 19, 2018 • 3:03 AM

A moving and inspiring sorry.  No matter how dark one’s situation in life could be, at the end of every situation there is light to the situation of you put effort to see the light.


November 19, 2018 • 4:14 AM

I love this it is so motivational

Odhiambo Paul

November 19, 2018 • 11:41 AM

Its quite inspiring…. It makes me believe and trust in the works of God. They say Gods timing is the best.

Tonny Okello

November 19, 2018 • 5:44 PM

A powerful story that rewuires telling . So many young people, especially young girls,  around the world are confronted with difficult circumstances daily. Your shared experience gives them a blueprint to escaping their situation and and a belief that, with hard work,  there can be a better tomorrow !

Ssemwogerere Francis Ddembe

November 19, 2018 • 6:03 PM

This is so inspiring and motivating

Arinaitwe Johnson

November 20, 2018 • 8:05 AM

Woow, the story almost left me crying. A must read for mainly african woman and girl as well as men that perpetuate this impunity in the name of culture, the evil hearted old men, etc. I look forward to a full novel

ndegera siraman

November 20, 2018 • 10:49 AM

The memoir reminds me of my African childhood growth. thanks for publication and this will be a very good reference.

Rosette Christine Mutambi

November 20, 2018 • 11:10 AM

Hi my namesake Rosette. Thank you so much for your boldness. Thank you so much for breaking the silence of sexual exploitation of young girls in situations like you went through. But more for exposing what widows go through due to the culture of denying them the right to land.  The unfairness of our culture when it comes to inheritance.

Rosette for u information I have moved a private members bill to amend our succession act. Will share with you the draft. But need a lot of advocacy to have it passed.

Agnes Everlyn Mutesi-Mufumba, LSOSF

November 21, 2018 • 12:41 AM

Shalom Rosette.
Congratulations! Am so happy for you.
Here I thought I knew your story.
This has silenced me.
Thanks for the Courage, for Perseverence and for that big heart from which you have shared your very self with our society especially the young people who will be guided by its details.
You make me a very proud woman of Nawandhuki.

May all go well with you.


Allen Sande Kisambu

November 21, 2018 • 10:03 PM

Well done Rosette. Thank you for sharing your story. There are many females who identify with your experience; some like you have over come while others are still on their journey….I hope that indeed some one out there will be inspired by the leap that you made. We all ought to make a leap at one point or another to overcome any adversity.

Go girls go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no stopping us, the sky is the limit.

Mercy mwaniki

November 22, 2018 • 2:36 PM

An inspiring piece Rossette. Thank you for sharing your story.this gives hope to many young women struggling to make it in life.God bless you as you continue to inspire many more.

Mwesigwa Charity

November 23, 2018 • 7:51 PM

Thank you so much Ms. Rosette. This is an inspiring true story. What happened to you back in the days, is happening to some girl child somewhere in Uganda or Africa as a whole. I would like to read more about your intriguing and yet true life stories. Bravo.

Irene Lamunu

November 23, 2018 • 8:58 PM

The story is so beautiful but you need someone to edit and proof read it for you. I have noticed so many minor mistakes which when ignored may cost you many potential buyers

mbabazi Eunice

November 23, 2018 • 9:47 PM

nice one it’s so inspirational and touching. this is what exactly most girls go through I uganda and I too am a living example. Thank you so much for this wonderful eye-opener.

Kabaalu Bbanda Joshua

November 23, 2018 • 11:24 PM

It all points to the TOPIC I took here that “Not all falls mean failure” we all go through downs and ups and again. Thanks for bringing this up African Lady.

Christine larubi A

November 24, 2018 • 7:47 PM

So inspirational and encouraging to the young ladies out here and I believe many needed this kind of story to make them rise up and continue pursuing their destiny .Thanks Rosette.

Mugabi Rogers

November 24, 2018 • 8:29 PM

Agood lesson to young girls, motivational and encouraging article.Thank you

Herbert Wandyaka

November 24, 2018 • 9:44 PM

Rossete you have clearly shown that a person from humble origins can also keep they eyes on the prize till they get there, thx for this very captivating story of a life time

Phoebe Nyaketcho

November 25, 2018 • 8:38 AM

Great reading and very eye opening to the Girl Child. Indeed if you believe in yourself you can achieve great things. Kudos Madam Rosette, Keep Shinning.


November 25, 2018 • 11:37 AM


Thank you for sharing your story, many children go through similar challenges, your story should motivate then victims to always confide to the people who care about their wellbeing.


Pauline Kawala

November 25, 2018 • 4:42 PM

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story Rosette. Surely many youth especially girls can relate to these adverse experiences of abuse,conflict and poverty .  Those fortunate enough to read your story will be encouraged and motivated to push through tough times and pursue their goals and dreams in life.

Sarah Wenene Mwebaza

November 29, 2018 • 10:39 AM

I thank you Rossette for this write up. You are a Lady who have encouraged and inspired many young girls who have a story similar to yours. Your story shows the strength of a woman in you. Am looking forward to work with you on encouraging our girl children who have dropped out of school and are facing psychosocial torture. Be blessed Lady

Abdallah Bagye

December 3, 2018 • 9:05 PM

It’s through determination that even God backup some people nowonder their race and background.for real ur tomorrow still tells u that it’s not going to be same .may u leave to achieve more and more my mentor God bless u

Sharon Kiplagat

December 9, 2018 • 2:35 AM

Wow! such an inspiring story. It potrays the strength and power a woman has that can change the society and the world at large irregadless of the challenges they face on daily basis.. (I agree there are setbacks especially with the girl child while climbing the success ladder )Thank you for documenting this. It will reach thousands of women who have dreams and visions of making it someday.  Focus and believing in one self is they key. Thank you.

Sabtain raza

February 9, 2019 • 5:32 AM

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Alexandra Yamada

March 4, 2019 • 8:39 PM

Hi Rosette,
Thank you for sharing such a personal story.  Your piece was inspiring—it highlighted the female power to persevere despite societal challenges!

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