November 24, 2018

By Maya Espiritu


“Refuge”- Gouache

This painting depicts the journey and experiences of the refugee boat people. The textures and swirls of the water portray the beauty and wonder of the water, yet also emphasize the tumultuous and dangerous nature of the sea. 


Artist Biography

Maya Lê Espiritu is an Asian American artistinterested in bright and bold, colorful artwork. Her Vietnamese name is Mai- and thus the inspiration for her trademark: Mai Art Gallery.She received a BA in Psychology with a focus on child development, and an Asian American Studies minor, from Scripps College. She is currently a first grade teacher. She is also an aspiring children’s book writer and illustrator, and is the creator of the site that provides reading resources, including guided read aloud videos, for parents and teachers to promote early literacy.She works with gouache, acrylics, and prismacolor pencils.  She is available for commissioned artwork and is always excited for a new creative challenge. Artistic publications include: Book Cover Art, Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refuge(es), UC Press, 2014;  Flip Book on the Vietnam War, published in Asian American Literary Review, Fall 2015; Organization logo, National Association of Ethnic Studies, 2015; Symposium Poster Art, Southeast Asian American Legacies Symposium, UC Merced, 2015. ;Cover Art for a special issue on Southeast Asian refugees, Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S. (an academic journal in the field of multi-ethnic literature), 2016.


Joji Davenport

December 7, 2018 • 10:38 PM


Your artwork is stunning. Haunting, yet beautiful.

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